– Caterer & Organizer –

Team spirit

Our team members combine skills and expertise that give our staff an exceptional creative spirit. This overall vision is encouraged in order to serve work efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our missions

“Maison Humblot” very specifically combines the “caterer” and “event organizer” professions. Those requires many multifunctional skills:

The Sales Department
The sales department is in charge of projects from their origin to their completion. The process starts with a simple discussion, then a precise brief, followed by a quote matching your budget. Listening, support, proximity and responsiveness are keys. Our team works close to the chefs who demonstrate all their creativity for the greatest pleasure of our customers.

The kitchen
Whole brigade buzzes in these places under the leadership of the chef. A large, fully equipped kitchen space with the most stringent sanitary standards is dedicated to the preparation of the best recipes. Our chefs invent and produce tailor-made menus.

Humblot is one of the few event caterers equipped with a logistics service, furthermore who owns its equipment. This important department guarantees the success of events through special attention to the preparation of orders, delivery, returns and cleaning of dishes and equipment

Waitering Team
How to be both discreet and attentive? This is the talent of the teams I teach and lead. You must keep an eye on everything, anticipate the slightest expectation. As same as in a ballet, serving and clearing tables must be perfectly synchronized, waitering must be elegant, courteous and thorough.

Congress, seminar,
grand opening,
product launch,

Throughout the year, our clients challenge us to organize the most friendly, unique and unforgettable events for their private or corporate meetings. We take up these challenges with enthusiasm and creativity. This is our trademark!