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Jean Guy Humblot has been developing unique lamprey recipes with his chefs for years. These recipes that sublimate the “gastronomic pearl of the Estuary” lamprey, have been canned to be available at home as “The Alliances Savoureuses”.
Associated with the Chamvermeil company, we have developed a range of products combining lamprey and wine from the former vineyard of French Writer François Mauriac: Château Malagar.

chamvermeil Maison Chamvermeil was founded by a visionary winemaker in 1923. A great wine lover and knowledgeable trader, he created Maison Chamvermeil according to the idea (revolutionary at the time) that wine could be delivered to your home on order by courier. Very quickly the activity took off and developed over decades by creating new ranges and launching new packagings. A motto: “Quality chosen, quality followed”. As a specialist in the sale of wine at a distance, Chamvermeil is today one of the major references in the selection of Bordeaux wines.


Famous migratory fish, lampreys reproduce in rivers like Garonne or Dordogne before taking off to the ocean. They return to freshwater to lay eggs once they became adult. They are caught to be prepared with wine as the well-known “Lamproie à la Bordelaise”. Maison Humblot magnifies this course thanks to its vintage recipe.


“La conserverie Humblot”:
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Cooked lamprey, lamprey rillettes or lamprey spreads, treat yourself with your preferred recipe! Each of those recipes is cooked with Château Malagar red wine from 2015.